A new year approach from our CEO

While everything we feel and presume about this new year 2023 come with lots of uncertainty, fear and market gossip, hope and data is more relevant to move forward building a future together.

Our company keeps on a transformational path to deliver value in the areas we are unique, and today very close to the end of a complex year we wanted to say thank you.
To all the people involved in our path to this point where you are reading this humble message, to our data center experts, managers, developers, designers, security staff, customers, to all the people who makes this lifecycle happens.

Thank you.

After seeing lots of assumptions, recipes, and strategies the only one who makes sense is that one called: common sense.

That common sense that creates industries in our countries, jobs for our people and happiness around.

These days we believe we save by taking the lowest price, or getting more value with large and slow incumbents but we don’t, we need to change the mindset and find the highest value for the right price for our industries, if we search that combination, we are building a better future with great collaterals in our society.

We invite you to share our vision this 2023 and work more closely to reach our common goals.

This 2023 we are delivering a fully integrated MSP (Managed Services Provider) to build more business value to your core activities giving you the power of our integrated consultancy services, our software development best practices and our 24X7 support platforms.

Our long-term relationship customers with this kind of approach today have Applied Labs as a natural extension or their businesses, we became part of their operations as it should be, enabling a true services integration experience that really works and gives results.

Thank you again for being part of this amazing team, for being a great customer, prospect or just a curious reader, we invite you to create value together this upcoming 2023.

Franco Paolo Carranza
Applied Labs.